Sorry guys, looks like I'm back on hiatus.

18th Feb 2017, 9:58 AM

Hey guys, I'm really sorry but I'm not gonna be able to upload anymore pages until either the last week of March, or the first week of April. So, it looks like I'm back on hiatus again. I'm kinda bummed out because I really wanted to get Issue #1 done soon, so we can all get to really exciting parts of this saga. Anyway, I'll be busy until the third week of March because the school year is coming to a close, and I've got a very special Graduation Video in the works for our grade. However, those who follow me over at GameJolt shouldn't worry because I'll still be able to update Space Pilot every other week, since it doesn't take as long for me to update that game, than it is for me to finish one page of my webcomic. I'll actually have an update out for that tomorrow, so check that out over at ! I'm also gonna continue uploading a new piece of fan art, or original art every friday! Also for those wondering, I also wasn't able to upload for FanArt Friday over at my DeviantArt ( because of the same reasons, school's just been keeping me busy. Anyway, thank you for being patient with me, I can't wait till the next page goes up! Till then, keep on training!